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Spy GSM Earpiece ID Cards

Code : SSE-001

Feature :

Working Frequency: GSM 800-1800MHz
Distance to earpiece: 50 - 70 cm
Distance to Mobile: unlimited distance
Type: GSM
Brand: GSM BOX
Size: 85*50*4.5 mm
Communication Type: Two Way Communication via Mobile Phone
Battery Time: 4-5 hours talking time or 72 hours stand by time
Nature: Automatically picks up the calls from the distant mobile phone or telephone

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Manufacturer Description

1. The newly developed GSM BOX has a build in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks.
2. Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pickup calls from any mobile phone or telephone.
3. The powerful inductive coil will create strong signals to drive earpieces within 40-60cm distance.
4. One pc 35db top sensitive microphone ensures your partner hear the whisper voices, even the GSM BOX is hidden under the clothes.
5. GSM BOX has a built in rechargeable 650mAh battery and supports more than 4-5 hours talking time, or 72 hours Standby time.

Package Includes:

1 x 2nd New 4.5 W GSM-ID-Card NMD-330L
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Operating Manual
1x Spy Earpiece


Spy GSM Earpiece ID Cards

Spy GSM Earpiece ID Cards is well known device of today in the world of Spy Market and this device is incredibly popular these a days because of its multi usage facility like secret work or sting operations. Now a days the doors of technology has opened, and so we invented the best Spy Device for you- Spy GSM Earpiece ID Cards in Mumbai. This device is suitable you in any situation like examination, meetings or presentations etc. without wasting your much time.

What is Spy GSM Earpiece ID Cards?

GSM Earpiece ID Cards is the hidden device for secret operations with large volume long distance, mini size bank ATM card. This device has retrieved from nano technology. The newly developed GSM ID Card in Mumbai has a built in dual GSM module that is capable to work with both of Four Band Mobile Phone Networks. Bluetooth GSM ID Card helps in two way communication via a mobile phone.

What’s the specialty in Spy GSM ID Cards?

The secret specialty of Earpiece GSM ID Cards lies in its size. This device is so small in size that is almost invisible to human naked eyes. This device can be easily hide for your secret communications or to bring out the secret communications.

Being small in size, GSM Bluetooth Earpiece ID Cards in Mumbai can be very useful for spies, private detectives, students, special agents etc. no one can detect you while conversing with someone else even in front of them.

Note: We have the best quality assured Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Device at our shop in Mumbai and we also offer our customer maximum customers satisfaction.