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Spy Bluetooth Banyan Earpiece in Chandigarh

Code : SSE-003

Package Includes:

Spy Bluetooth Banyan Earpiece
How To Use Manual Of Banyan
Spy Nano Earpiece
How To Use Earpiece Manual
Charger For Spy Bluetooth Banyan
2 Battery Sony 416
One Year Warrantee Card

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Spy Bluetooth Banyan

The Spy Bluetooth GSM Banyan in Chandigarh is designed with Nano Technology. This set of Spy Bluetooth Banyan Device comprises a set of earpiece, jammer resistant banyan. The Bluetooth Earpiece is a micro headphone inserted in the ear canal which is not visible to anyone. Also the Bluetooth earpiece or walkie talkie is portable; two way radio transceiver which allows the easy exchange of messages or audio between the two persons. This Bluetooth GSM Banyan looks like an ordinary banyan but performs incredible functions. This device is available online or offline at our shops in Chandigarh.

Best Applications of Spy Bluetooth GSM Banyan

  • Examination Hal
  • Investigators
  • Interviewee
  • Employees during Meeting
  • To Reveal the Culprit
  • Sting Operations
  • Personal Protection
  • Best to help you when you are in trouble

Key Features:

The Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Banyan in Chandigarh is ideal for hidden and two-way communication, even in the areas where the use of mobile phone is restricted or prohibited or in the no network zone.
This Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is a hands free microphone which can be concealed in the ears and are not visible to others.
The entire communication takes place without the mobile phone.
The banyan is resistant from the jammer, so the kit is perfect for the places where cell phone is banned.
The device offers 4-5 hours talking time and 72 hours standby time.

Note: We have the best quality assured Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Device at our shop in Chandigarh and we also offer our customer maximum customers satisfaction.