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Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece

Code : SSE-015

Feature :

Integrated Microphone: Yes
Bluetooth Password is "0000"
Compatibility: Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth equipped phone
Bluetooth handsfree is T9
Transmission range: to earpiece - 30cm, to cellphone - 40 meter (no impedient)

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Manufacturer Description

1. The newly developed GSM BOX has a build in dual band GSM module that works in both of Four Band mobile phone networks.
2. Once insert a GSM SIM card and turn on the power, it will automatically pickup calls from any mobile phone or telephone.
3. The powerful inductive coil will create strong signals to drive earpieces within 40-60cm distance.
4. One pc 35db top sensitive microphone ensures your partner hear the whisper voices, even the GSM BOX is hidden under the clothes.
5. GSM BOX has a built in rechargeable 650mAh battery and supports more than 3-5 hours talking time, or 48 hours Standby time.

Package Includes:

1 x 2nd New 4.5 W GSM-ID-Card NMD-330L
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Operating Manual
1x Spy Earpiece


Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece

Latest innovative Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece in Kolkata is highly effective device for invisible secret two way communication or ideal for in troublesome situations such as exams, tests, public speeches, meetings or interview. Spy Bluetooth Watch in Kolkata is the latest Jammer free technology absorbed with all advantages of secret communications.

Spy Bluetooth Watch Earpiece Set Comprises a Bluetooth Transmitter embedded into a watch and a Spy Earbud that assist you in easy and invisible secret communication.

Spy Earbud is of natural beige color.

This Spy Bluetooth watch looks like normal ordinary watch but this device has special Bluetooth function. The tiny buttons are located on the side of watch that helps in adjusting the volume for answering the call.

This Device also works as normal real watch which makes the device 100% unsuspicious.

Spy Bluetooth watch removes the hindrance of short transmission distance.

With this Spy Bluetooth Watch in Kolkata you can hear clearly in this invisible earpiece and can whisper with your partner by the new inductive Bluetooth glasses.

Key Features of Spy Bluetooth Watch

• Multi – Function Key
• Available Nano microphone on the Watch
• Offers Hands free cell phone communication
• 60 hours of built in rechargeable Battery life
• Easy for wireless communication
• Ultra compact design
• Cool Blue Light Indicator
• Three colors to choose (Black, Yellow, Red)
• Compatible with all Mobile phones
• Works as real watch
• Great Sound quality
• Works over 3 hours in talking mode and about 180 hours in standby mode
• Thanks to built-in 3.5 watt amplifier the distance between watch and earpiece can reach 30 cm

How Spy Bluetooth Earpiece watch Works?

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Watch Set in Kolkata permits you to set up two-way secret connection between you and your assistant. The set comprises of watch, spy earpiece and USB cable for recharging.

To being your invisible communication do the following:

1. Charge the spy Bluetooth watch in advance.
2. Connect the watch with your cell phone via Bluetooth.
3. Put the watch onto your wrist as usual watch and insert the earpiece into your ear.
4. Make or receive a phone call from your partner to start the conversation.

Established secret communication is a two-way connection type, which means that not only you can hear your assistant through the spy earpiece, but your friend can also hear you through the microphone in the watch.

Make sure you do not keep connected your charger tom mobile phone for long time, it will shorten the battery life.

Note: We have the best quality assured Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Device at our shop in Kolkata and we also offer our customer maximum customers satisfaction.